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Female entrepreneurs

Are you struggling to effectively communicate your vision, which is hindering your projects?

At the heart of every great business lies an extraordinary story waiting to be unveiled to the world.

Marketing and creative communication have the power to propel your business towards new opportunities.

Together, we will develop effective strategies to inspire your customers

and make your brand shine with boldness and clarity.

Hi! I'm Rose⚡️

As a marketing and communication strategist, my role is to help atypical entrepreneurs uncover the courage that lies deep within their hearts. I am here to assist them in boldly sharing their truth, using my listening skills and asking challenging questions. But what brings me the greatest pride is witnessing the transformation and growth of my clients in their entrepreneurial journey.


1:1 marketing + communication coaching program

Do you aspire to be recognized for your expertise? However, you lack clarity on what you want to share with your audience and how to do it.

Selling yourself, without selling yourself out, is an art that can be learned.

Miruna Nica, also knows as Miruna Inspires
I have been guided by Rose in my communication and marketing strategy. I love her bold style and way of thinking. She was able to realign and strengthen the efforts of my communication team to showcase my unique mission. If you want to convey your message in an original and impactful way, contact her now.
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