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Female entrepreneurs

Dear female impact entrepreneur.

Are you frustrated with not being able to clearly communicate your strengths to your clients?

You're looking for a strategic marketing right-hand woman to help you boldly amplify your mission.

Results that speak for themselves.

Client Miruna Inspires

Thanks to my coaching, Miruna Inspires' Instagram account has experienced an astounding 2.9K% surge in reach, while successfully achieving her sales goals for the launch of her program, "Entrepreneurship in Balance" (Entreprendre En Équilibre).


Discover the power of creative communication!

Are you interested in strategic marketing and communication support?

Embrace the power of creative communication and give your brand the recognition it deserves. With our solution for creative communication strategy, create a prominent and unforgettable presence for your brand in the market. Unlock the creative potential of your communication to positively influence your audience's perceptions and propel your brand's reputation towards new promising opportunities.

Miruna Nica, also knows as Miruna Inspires
I have been guided by Rose in my communication and marketing strategy. I love her bold style and way of thinking. She was able to realign and strengthen the efforts of my communication team to showcase my unique mission. If you want to convey your message in an original and impactful way, contact her now.

Here are some communication strategies

in the form of brand awareness campaigns:

Social brand awareness campaign for Spa Chez Soi.

The campaign from March to April 2020 generated 4090 organic views, allowing Spa Chez Soi to gain visibility among its target audience and retain its existing customer base. The video showcased the team's expertise, service quality, and the importance of self-care. This helped Spa Chez Soi differentiate itself from competitors and establish itself as a brand that offers a unique and personalized experience, allowing individuals to take the time to care for themselves.

Brand awareness campaign.
Opération Agir Ensemble for

 ​​Centre Lasallien


The primary objective of the campaign was to establish brand awareness. The promotional video received 23,000 organic views on Facebook, effectively raising awareness for the cause of the Lasallian Center. Although the fundraising did not reach the initial goal of $20,000, the campaign successfully raised $4,540. It is important to note that the video alone could not solely achieve the fundraising objective. The production and editing provided polished visuals that showcased the individuals, diversity, and human dignity. As a result, the campaign has laid a solid foundation for future fundraising efforts for the Lasallian Center.

Integrated Campaign Communication Strategy

Phase # 1/4 Diagnosis

Identify competitors' strengths and weaknesses, evaluate customer perception, and develop strategic recommendations to enhance your competitive advantage.

Conduct audit and competitive analysis
Perform in-depth competitor research
Interview customers and create customer journey maps
Analyze brand positioning
Develop a unique and differentiated brand strategy


Strategic recommendations

Hi! I'm Rose!The brand managerfor women leaders⚡️

What sets me apart

I help female entrepreneurs uncover the hidden courage within their hearts so that they can boldly share their truth. And that, is my greatest pride.



  • You are a business service owner who has been in business for at least 2 years

  • You earn an income starting 60 K.

  • You are ready to actively engage and have trust in my skills to make the best decisions.

  • You have clear business goals for effective collaboration.


  • You are solely motivated by quick money, without considering long-term success.

  • You are closed-minded and unwilling to collaborate for the best possible results.

  • You are not available to effectively plan or work together to achieve your clear goals.

Ready to transform your marketing, but you would like to ask me some questions before committing?

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