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Discover VisionDoneForYou

The all-in-one marketing service for consultants looking to launch their first-ever training program.


Boost your consulting business with our marketing expertise.

Our all-in-one 360 marketing service is specifically designed for consultants who want to launch their training programs. Together, we will work on a personalized marketing strategy to position your training in the market. We will accompany you throughout


Hi there! I'm Rose. 

I'm a Marketing strategist based in Montreal.

Since 2017, I have been supporting passionate and inspiring entrepreneurs like you.

Here's why you should work with me:

⚡️I understand your reality as a neurodiverse and creative solopreneur.

⚡️With my experience in nonprofit organizations and advertising at Rethink Canada and Sid Lee Montreal, I speak the language of business and the language of creativity.

⚡️Recognized for my efficiency, contribution of new ideas and perspectives, and tangible results, I have successfully supported over 20 growing SMEs.

What's included in VisionDoneForYou

  • 12-month marketing program strategy.

  • Development of a communication campaign.

  • Online advertising.

  • Social media content calendar.

  • Implementation of training content and marketing actions.

  • Email marketing sales funnel.

  • Private guidance.

  • 4 professional photoshoot sessions to capture engaging images.

  • Weekly support via Slack to answer your questions and provide ongoing assistance.

  • Monthly reports on performance and result analysis.

  • In-depth analysis of performance and market trends.

  • Online reputation tracking and customer comment management.

Results that speak for themselves.

Client Miruna Inspires

Thanks to my coaching, Miruna Inspires' Instagram account has experienced an astounding 2.9K% surge in reach, while successfully achieving her sales goals for the launch of her program, "Entrepreneurship in Balance" (Entreprendre En Équilibre).

The marketing strategy in 3 steps

Marketing audit

The goal of my done-for-you marketing audit service is to help you evaluate and improve your marketing strategy so that you can achieve your business objectives. I take care of everything for you, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, spotting growth opportunities, and maximizing your company's results.


I will provide you with valuable strategic recommendations. I will highlight your brand's current challenges and showcase key insights and opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

I will help you define your brand identity, position it based on your company's vision, target audience, and competition, and establish effective ways to sell your products or services. By collaborating on the marketing strategy, we will improve communication with your customers, resulting in increased sales and profits.


The 12-month marketing plan

I provide is a clear and detailed roadmap to guide your implementation and execution of the most effective marketing strategy for your small solopreneur business.

1:1 coaching

I will support you in implementing your marketing plan, providing you with advice and guidance to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and ensure the success of your initiatives. Together, we will produce, deploy, measure, and optimize your communications to make your brand visible in the real world and achieve your business growth objectives.


Our weekly strategic meetings allow you to learn how to track your action plan and implement one to two tactics independently, while benefiting from my advice to optimize your marketing strategy.


     Is it suitable for me?

⚡️ I have 15 years of expertise in my field.

⚡️ I have successfully operated my consulting service business for over 5 years.

⚡️ As a consultant, I have already achieved sales of $100,000 in 2022-2023, and I have set new sales goals for 2024.

⚡️ I am seeking to clarify and improve my positioning in order to effectively communicate it to my new market. This is part of my new and ambitious project.

We have utilized the services of Rose Napoléon Communications for our firm, and we are extremely satisfied with the created content, communication management, and their professionalism. We highly recommend their services!
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