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Do you dream of being recognized for your expertise?

But you are afraid to boldly and courageously talk about your services.

Maybe it's because you lack clarity on what you want to share.

Without clarity or intention, you risk that your future clients will neither be inspired by your content nor understand the value of your services.

For your marketing content to be effective, it is crucial to offer relevant, useful, inspiring, and entertaining content to generate interest from the target audience you are aiming for.

The promise of the group program

Reclaiming Your Marketing Power ⚡️

It includes:

⚡️Discovering how your uniqueness can be an asset.

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⚡️Creating your video content plan to break the cycle of rumination and procrastination.

⚡️Being comfortable talking about your services and yourself on camera while staying true to yourself.

Picture of a female entrepreneur who is a florist she is afraid of talking about her services in front of a camera
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Here is the group program:
Reclaiming your marketing power.


The 12-week program includes:

Brand Foundations

This is where your mission is revealed boldly.

During these sessions, we will revisit the foundations of your brand strategy to help you understand how not making choices and opting for the status quo is harming your current brand. Together, we will examine the best positioning options for your business and help you optimally highlight the benefits your services bring to your clients.

Week 1:

  • Introduction to the program.

  • Workshop discussion: Learn to own your future positioning.

  • Mini-introduction to marketing.

  • Introduction of a tool for marketing audit: brand workshop.

  • Task to be completed for the following week.

Week 2:

  • Presentation of the simplified marketing plan.

  • Marketing workshop.

  • Analysis of brand workshop responses.

  • Task to be completed for the following week.

Week 3:

  • Analysis of brand workshop responses.

  • Drafting of marketing plan.

  • Test and learn about your positioning among your target audience.

  • Task to be completed for the following week.

Week 4:

  • Drafting of marketing plan.

  • Preparation of a creative photo shoot.

  • Creative photo and video shoot.

Deliverable: simplified marketing plan.

Content Strategy Creation

This is where the amplification of your mission is boldly planned.


Together, we will develop a customized content plan based on your unique story to create an authentic connection with your target audience. This plan will include various formats (blog articles, videos, infographics, testimonials) tailored to your specific objectives.

We will also select the two communication tactics that best align with your personality and skills, such as events, social media, email marketing, etc.

Week 5:

  • Theoretical workshop on communication.

  • Workshop discussion on content creation.

  • Presentation of simplified communication plan.

  • Task to be completed for the following week.

Week 6:

  • Choosing tactics, selecting communication channels, and researching relevant topics for your audience based on the conversion process.

  • Task to be completed for the following week.

Week 7:

  • Learning storytelling and drafting content outlines.

  • Task to be completed for the following week.

Week 8:

  • Long-term (macro) and short-term (micro) content planning for the next 12 months.

Deliverable: simplified content plan.

Taking Action

This is where you amplify your mission with boldness.

With our guidance, you will develop the ability to express yourself clearly and concisely while following your unique positioning and staying true to yourself. Additionally, we will help you apply these essential storytelling skills across the different communication channels you have chosen.

Week 9:

Practical workshop on content creation.

Task to be completed for the following week.

Week 10:

Practical workshop on content creation.

Task to be completed for the following week.

Week 11:

Test and learn: Publication of content and adjustments.

Task to be completed for the following week.

Week 12:

Test and learn: Publication of content and adjustments.

Deliverable: online publication of your content.

The program includes: 

⚡️ 60-minute private coaching sessions in a "creative clinic" format, scheduled every 2 weeks.

⚡️ Recordings are available for 12 months after the program in your Notion client account.

⚡️ Creative mini-conferences: a Q&A session with a creative industry professional or successful SME founders.

⚡️ Library of simple tools: marketing strategy methodology, brand profile template, communication plan template, sample questions to ask your clients, and sales email templates.

The price of this program is $5500 CAD +tx.

You will have a return on investment of at least 40% within 12 months following the program

Hi there! I'm Rose.

Since 2017, I've been working with inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders like yourself in their respective fields.

Why work with me?

⚡️ My strengths lie in storytelling, training, content creation, and providing guidance.

⚡️ I'm fluent in the language of business as well as the creative language, thanks to my marketing experience at Rethink Canada and Sid Lee Montreal, as well as my entrepreneurial journey as a freelance photographer.

⚡️ People often describe me as efficient, fun, and someone whose work produces results.

But most importantly, I'm not afraid to truthfully and kindly provide feedback on your marketing efforts in order to help you transform it.

I look forward to collaborating with you and helping you achieve your branding goals.


Is this for me?

⚡️ I have had a service-based business for at least 1 year.

⚡️ I have created videos in the past, but I haven't achieved satisfactory results.

⚡️ As a woman, I am determined to go the extra mile and I am ready to step out of my comfort zone.

You meet all the criteria?

Well, then you're ready to be part of the⚡️

Reclaiming Your Marketing Power program!

A community of unique
solopreneurs like you ⚡️

Join our exclusive community to take your business to new heights of success. Gain lifelong access to a close-knit and vibrant community that provides support, business opportunities, and friendships. Validate, test, and exchange your ideas with confidence.

A group of female leader entrepreneur in a marketing group program


Please fill out this form.

I promise to check my spam folder.

Thank you for your application. We will get back to you very soon.

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Limited offer for the very first cohort:
The cost of this program is $5500 CAD +tx.

Do you have questions before committing to working with me?

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call.

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