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How can I gain confidence to succeed in
act on my vision?

Through the discovery of your X, which is your positioning, it is essential to uncover your key positioning in order to build a coherent brand strategy to achieve your goals.

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Develop the unique identity of your brand and create a captivating story with our BrandStory 1:1 coaching program.

How will your transformation take place during this program?

6 meetings of 2 hours over 3 months

What do these meetings contain?

Session 1: Brand Workshop

During this workshop, we will explore the foundations of your brand through important questions. At the end of this meeting, you will receive tasks to accomplish, such as reaching out to your current and potential clients to ask them key questions.

Session 2: Co-creation session for your positioning

During this meeting, we will discuss the proposals that I will present to you after analyzing the responses gathered during our workshop. Then, we will have two in-depth co-creation sessions to develop your communication strategy, which means what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Session 3: First co-creation meeting for your communication strategy for 1 communication channel.

Session 4: Second co-creation meeting for your communication strategy for 1 communication channel.

At the end of these first 4 sessions, you will receive a comprehensive document containing your vision, mission, positioning, target audience, and unique message. Additionally, I will provide you with concrete creative ideas to bring your positioning to life in the digital world.

Important: At this stage, it is highly recommended, with your brand strategy in hand, that you reach out to creative specialists such as a graphic designer, a photographer, a videographer, and a copywriter to create your content.

Please note that this service is not included in the current program.

Session 5: Content creation support for storytelling on 1 communication channel.

Session 6: Content creation support for storytelling on 1 communication channel.

I will also provide support by showing you creative resources for your content creation, such as Copy AI for writing, Canva for graphic visuals, and Capcut for videos.

Give your brand a powerful identity and create a compelling story with our BrandStory coaching program.

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The price of this program
is $2200 CAD +tx

Rose is an intelligent, lucid, pragmatic person with a lot of empathy and listening skills, which allows her to understand people easily and quickly. She inspires confidence and is very motivating. She asks the right questions, and I think her sessions are paying off. Thanks Rose!

Hi there! I'm Rose.

Marketing & communication strategist

Since 2017, I have worked alongside inspiring entrepreneurs and industry leaders, just like yourself.

Why choose to work with me?

⚡️ My expertise lies in storytelling, training, content creation, and support.

⚡️ I have a deep understanding of both the business language and the creative language, thanks to my experience in marketing at Rethink Canada and Sid Lee Montreal, as well as my entrepreneurial journey as a freelance photographer.

⚡️ People describe me as efficient, dynamic, and someone whose actions yield results.

But above all, I am not afraid to kindly tell you the truth about your marketing to help you transform it.

With an unconventional career in creative strategy and entrepreneurship, I am a consumer-focused strategist known for supporting creative minds and offering effective solutions. My co-creative and intuitive artistic direction, combined with a human-centred perspective, aligns business objectives with innovative strategies.

I have collaborated with a diverse range of clients, including Pour 3 Points, Jeunesse J'écoute, the city of Montreal, Décathlon Canada, and local and national entrepreneurs.

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Rose is an exceptional person who is committed to succeeding in transmitting this knowledge in a gentle and truly useful way for the person in front of her. She takes the time to get to know us well and ask the right questions before guiding us.

Is this program right for me?

⚡️I have been running a service-based business for at least 1 year or I have a validated business offer and I have generated $30K in revenue.

⚡️I want digital content that generates visibility and business opportunities, but I don't know what to say or how to do it.

⚡️I am comfortable with digital platforms like Zoom, Slack, Notion, and Loom.

⚡️I am determined to go all the way, I am ready to step out of my comfort zone and be challenged.

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I'm excited to learn more about you and your business.
To help me better understand your needs.

Once the form is filled out, we can schedule a meeting
to get to know each other better before making a commitment.

I promise to check my spam folder.

Thank you for your application. We will get back to you very soon.


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